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Prior to the launch of Bumstead Productions in 1979, company founder, Larry Wanagas got his start in the music business as the Entertainment Director at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Duties included booking and promoting weekly concerts, keeping a strict inventory of the campus beer supply and trying to keep the football team from destroying the Students Union Building where the weekly concerts were held.

In 1979, after 2 years of successful on campus concert promotion and spontaneous crisis management Wanagas left college life behind and opened a recording studio, Homestead Recorders. He also launched Bumstead Productions, focusing on artist management, an independent record label and a publishing company.

In 1983, Wanagas met a young singer named k. d. lang. Within days of hearing her sing he signed her to management, recording and publishing agreements, now known as a 360 deal. That arrangement marked the beginning of a 15-year rollercoaster of successful tours, multi-platinum album sales, accolades, awards and more crisis management.

The artist management division of Bumstead Productions has over the years represented a number of successful artists including: Susan Aglukark, Big Sugar, The Blue Shadows (featuring Billy Cowsill), Colin James, Erasure (in NA only), Richard Julian, k.d. lang, Madeline Peroux, The Trews and Two Hours Traffic.

Bumstead Production’s award winning management roster currently includes; The Trews, Tim Chaisson, Poor Young Things and The Lazys.

Bumstead Productions is currently located in Toronto, Canada after a few stops over the years in Edmonton, Vancouver, Bellingham, WA., NYC, Hoboken, NJ and Montclair, NJ.

Larry Wanagas has held the following industry positions.
• Co-Founder and GM – The Alberta Recording Industry Association 1982-85
• Director – Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Record (FACTOR) 1990-93
• President – Mute Records U.S. (New York) 1994-1996
• Director – Music Manager’s Forum / Canadian Division 2004-present
• Music Industry Advisor Committee, Ontario Media Development Corp. 2008-2009
• Board Member, Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) 2010-present

Tim Des Islets is a key member of the Canadian artist management company Bumstead Productions based out of Toronto. With achievements in cultivating Canadian talent that has reached audiences both at home and abroad, Tim co-manages an award-winning roster of artists that includes The Trews, Tim Chaisson, and Poor Young Things. Tim Des Islets has helped develop artists and establish these artists into Canadian music canon. With artists garnering awards at the Juno Awards, East Coast Music Awards (ECMA), and Independent Music Awards from the US, Tim’s expertise in artist management has created incredible talent that helps solidify Canada as a major player in the music scene.

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